Protein is an important part of the XPRO-70™ product range, which includes high quality Whey Protein Isolate & Whey Protein Concentrate supplements along with a selection of specific blend of protein sources.

The XPRO-70™ protein supplement range is further enhanced by infusing products with key micronutrients important for sports performance including essential amino acids, (BCAAs), vitamins & minerals.

Whey protein is the macro nutrient that plays a vital structural and functional role in the human body.
Studies have shown that nutrient quantity, quality and timing are the key components of effective protein supplements to assist exercise performance, muscle growth & recovery. Hence, the reason why XPRO-70™ has developed high quality sports nutrition range providing nutritional support for an array of a health training performance

So whether you are bulking up or cutting down for competition, XPRO-70™ has a range of products formulated in line with evolving sports science to provide functional amounts of a selection of premium products which helps you to meet your desired personal training goals.

"Its not Just a Brand its a Lifestyle"

Featured products

  • Whey Protein
    XPRO-70™ is a premium whey protein supplement that ensures your efforts at the gym really pay off.A unique combination of high quality protein, amino acids and digestive enzymes,it provides you the most nutritious aid for faster muscle recovery.
  • Mass Gainer
    Thinis just not in. XPRO-70™ Mass Gainer's special formulation is perfect for adding the quality mass you desire.A delicious high calorie supplement with proteins and carbohydrates in the right proportion that, combined with a serious workout and healthy diet, helps in gaining muscle and proper body weight.
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